Direct Support

Grey Medical Group has access to an extensive domestic and international network of subject matter experts, industry influencers and fixers to ensure the highest probability of success, regardless of our customers’ goals.

We provide the following direct support services:

  • Aid, protect, augment or sustain our clients
  • Detailed integration and coordination
  • Development of operational plans and interoperability coordination
  • Planning the employment of, organizing, directing, and coordinating assets to accomplished intent
  • Designing flexible arrangements to specific purpose, desired effect and scope of the client directives
  • Develop tactics, methods, procedures and communications to facilitate client needs
  • Implementation and development of tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Recovery and after action reviews in support of documenting and implementing

Grey Medical Group has years of past performance delivering custom-built solutions to meet our customer’s needs in dynamic, austere and unpredictable operating environments.